What's New in Pulse 3

What’s New in Pulse 3



With   Messages you can start a private conversation with one or more coworkers.   These conversations are fully integrated with Microsoft Lync which means that   you have voice, video, and desktop sharing with a single click. Pulse also   knows when you’re not connected so it sends you an email to make sure you   don’t miss important messages.  




Share   training videos, webinars, or ad-hoc presentations across the enterprise and   view them directly on your newsfeed. Video includes uploading, encoding,   playing, and streaming. With our integration using Amazon’s Content Delivery   Network videos are fast and efficient.


System Hubs

System   Hubs collect information from enterprise applications and make it available   within the community. Entities from applications like Dynamics CRM,   SharePoint, and Order Processing are searched, linked to, and enhanced to   include rich collaboration features like video, file and image sharing. The   result is a concise, easy to read business news feed that keeps you connected   across all your critical applications.



Pulse for   SharePoint

Pulse   supports direct upload to SharePoint which means documents are automatically   stored in pre-defined SharePoint sites. We’ve introduced item level security,   tag integration and a Central Administration add-in for easy deployment and   management.

Pulse for Dynamics CRM

Pulse   takes full advantage of the Activity Feeds capability introduced in R7 of   Dynamics CRM. This means that any event that can write to an Activity Feed   can be posted to Pulse.  This release added complete single sign-on and   support for Entity level permissions.




Notifications   are grouped by day and can be filtered by Comments, Answers, Mentions,   Invites, and Tasks



The   search results experience has been enhanced to allow for easier refinement   and to include relevant community experts




Favorites and Lists

Favorites   and Lists are a great way to organize your newsfeed and quickly access people   and groups that you work with most.


Apps   are a great way to quickly find information. Some apps allow you to apply   filters to your newsfeed. You can filter your newsfeed by links, images,   files, questions, articles, and tasks. You can also change your newsfeed to   view the top news, the most recent posts, where you are mentioned, and what   you’ve marked to read later


Behind the scenes…

Pulse   3 is not just about end users. Behind the scenes we’ve added dozens of new   administration features. RabbitMQ integration increases performance, Amazon   CDN integration delivers lighting fast video, File Sources allow files shared   via Pulse to be stored in any document management system including   SharePoint, and auto-following build you social network quickly


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