How do I embed Pulse into an entity?

Important Settings

Use this section as a quick reference for settings for your demo environment.

Pulse URL

Office 365 User

Windows Live ID



 Complete the Quick Start - Deployment

If you have not done so please following the instruction in the following document

Customize Account Form

To add Pulse conversations to each Account perform the following actions

  1. From MSCRM, click Sales…Accounts
  2. Open A Store (sample)
  3. Click Customize
  4. Click Form
  5. In the General section, insert a One Column Section

 1.png      6. With the new Section selected insert a Web Resource

      7.Click the search icon next to Web resource


      8. Select neudesic_/NeudesicPulse/EntityEmbed.htm

      9. For Name input PulseEmbed

    10. Click the checkbox next to Pass record object-type and unique identifier as parameters


     11. Click the Formatting tab

     12. Uncheck Display Border

     13. For Number of Rows input 10


   14. Click OK

   15. On the customize Form screen, click Save, then click Publish

What Should You See?

Now, when you open an Account you should see a Pulse section as follows:


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