How do I use Neudesic Pulse and Office 365?

Neudesic Pulse supports Office 365 in several scenarios. You can follow the steps above to modify your Office 365 My Site experience in the exact same way. This section walks you through the initial deployment and configuration of a Site Collection that is a basic Team Site but it is important to note that you can modify your Office 365 My Sites as well.

Allocating Resources to your Site Collection

For Neudesic Pulse to execute you must allocate Resources using the Site Collection administration capabilities in Office 365. To connect to the administration portal go to You must login as a Global Administrator that has access to manage SharePoint Online


Figure 1: Office 365 Admin Home

From the Office 365 Admin home perform the following actions

1.            Click Admin

2.            Under Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, click Manage

3.            On the administration center home page click, Manage site collections

4.            Click the Site Collection that you are deploying Neudesic Pulse


5.            Click Resource Usage Quota

6.            Specify an initial value of 2500. Note, that you may experience timeouts are you user volume increase. Increase this over time.


7.            Use the Send Email capability to be notified as your resources are being used

8.            Click Save

Note: You must repeat the resource allocation process for each site collection that will use Neudesic Pulse

Deploy the Pulse for Office 365 Web Parts

To deploy the Neudesic Pulse Web Part for Office 365, perform the following actions

1.            From the desired site click Site Actions…Site Settings

2.            Under Galleries, click Solutions

3.            Click the Solutions ribbon, then click Upload Solution

4.            Click Browse

5.            Select Neudesic.Pulse.SharePoint.Sandboxed.wsp, and click OK

6.            On Solution Activation screen click Activate


The Pulse for Office 365 web parts are now available. You still must perform the actions in Creating a Pulse Extension Page and Specifying a Pulse Server.

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