Creating a Pulse Bridge Group

With Neudesic Pulse Bridge you have the ability to invite your customers into your Pulse instance. By creating a creating a group that can be viewed by both employees within your company and customers from an external network. 

To create a Pulse Bridge Group start by:

  1. Hovering you mouse over the Groups tab on the header.
  2. Click Create a Croup


     3. After clicking Create a Group you will be taken to a page that will ask you for basic. information, the Group Name, Description, Audience, and Email Address.

     4. To make this page available to customers you must change the Audience setting to Employees and Customers .  

     5. To personalize your Privacy settings click the Privacy tab.

     6.  Here you can customize users and groups that can see your Bridge Group .

     7. Once everything is complete click Create this Group

     8.  To make any changes to the Group, click Settings

Your next step is to invite your customers or other external users. 

  1. Click the “Invite people to this group” link.
  2. A form will pop up which enables you to send an email invitation to your contacts to join the group

  3. Click the “Invite a customer” link and a new form is  shown


  4. Enter in the email info for your contacts and a welcome message


  5. Your contacts will then receive an email inviting them to the group with a link to log in to the Pulse Bridge page, the link sends them to a page where they will choose how to log in.  They  have the options to use their Windows Live ID or create a Pulse account with a password of their choosing.  Option #2 is encouraged.

  6. Your contact will then fill out a profile form and move on to accessing their account feed

  7. When your contact accesses their feed, they will only see the Bridge group or groups to which they’ve been invited.  They will not be able to access any other content on Pulse.  They can edit their profile like any other Pulse user and add a picture if they like.

  8. From there you can share all the benefits of Pulse with your contact, and share files, answer questions and collaborate more effectively!

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