Creating a RSS or ATOM System Feed

Each of the systems created in Pulse have the ability to have one or more Feeds. Feeds are information that you want to show up as “pulses.” Pulse supports two very common formats in RSS and ATOM.

Systems can only be created by Administrators. To create a system start by:

  1. Clicking Systems
  2. Click Create a System
  3. Here you will be asked to name the System and provide a description. You also have the option to edit the privacy settings.
  4. Once all this information is filled out click Create this System Page
  5. From there you will be taken to your System’s Page, to add a RSS or ATOM feed click Settings
  6. Here once again you have the options to edit the System’s Basic Settings, Privacy settings and you will see a new tab for Automated Feeds, click Automated Feeds
  7. Click Add a System Feed
  8. On this new page you will be asked to fill out the Feed Name, Description, Source (which should be RSS or ATOM 1.0 Feed), Source URL,  Poll Period (which is default 15 minutes), and if users need credentials.


     9. Click Create this Feed

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