Notifications are designed to keep you up to date with what is going on in your Neudesic Pulse community. Whenever somone Comments on a post of yours, likes your status, mentions you or invites you to a Page Neudesic will notify you immediately. Notifications can be found on The header of your Pulse page.



To change email and notification settings on Neudesic Pulse start logging in and clicking the “Edit My Profile” button that can be found on the top left portion of your screen.


Select the “Notification” Tab:


Choose your preferred email and notification settings click “Save”

Neudesic Pulse has up to 10 e-mail notification settings that you can choose to receive:

1.            Send Me Email: This email option sends you emails with every notification you receive on Neudesic Pulse.

2.            Answers:  Receive a notification every time someone answers a question that you post.

3.            Comments: Receive a notification when people comment on your post.

4.            Likes: Receive notifications when people like your post.

5.            Follows: Receive notifications when people follow you.

6.            Post: Receive notifications when people post on your feed.

7.            Mentions: Receive notifications when people mention you in their post.

8.            Asks: Receive notifications when people ask you a question.

9.            Invites: Receive notifications when people invite you to pages.

10.          Daily Digest: Receive a Daily Digest of Neudesic Pulse activity.

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