Neuron FAQ

Q: What is an esb file?

A: An esb file is a file in zip format renamed to have an esb extension.

Q: Does Neuron need a database to run?

A: No, Neuron does not need a database to run. If you want to use farm mode or auditing however you must configure a database.

Q: Should I install MSMQ before installing and running Neuron?

A: Yes. You should install MSMQ. You do not need to install HTTP support. You can install Active Directory support but Neuron uses private queues. Installing Active Directory support may give you more administration options but it is not required by Neuron.

Q: Do I need MSDTC configured?

A: Yes. You should also make sure MSDTC is configured to allow remote connections. You do not have to configure it to allow remote administration.

Q: Do pipelines run on the server?

A: Pipelines execute in the Party’s context. This means that pipelines attached to a Party running on the server such as a Party in a Service Connector or Adapter will run on the server but if that same Party is used in your own windows service it will execute in the process of that windows service. The information a pipeline needs to run is maintained by the server and Party without the need for direct intervention.

Q: How does network communication work with the Neuron API? What happens when I use a load balancer with the Neuron API?

A: Communication between the Party and the Neuron Server using the Neuron API should be thought of as active connections. That means the client must be able to connect to the server and the server must be able to connect back to the client. When you use a load balancer with the API then the load balancer is used for bootstrapping and management and direct connections are used for messaging.

Q: How does network communication work with Client Connectors and Service Connectors?

A: Client Connectors and Service Connectors can be managed at the network level similarly to Web Services and Web Service Clients. This means you can put Neuron on the web tier or in the DMZ and still use Neuron’s pub sub features in a server centric model while locking down communication to external systems using standard port management.

Q: Do I have to GAC my helper DLL’s when I use them in pipelines?

A: No. You can put the DLL into the Neuron program files directory and then type the path to the DLL in the code step/ add reference dialog. However, we recommend GAC'ing your pipeline helper DLL's and have had several people have path issues when migrating ESB files when trying to bypass the GAC. So, from a best practices perspective we recommend GAC.

Q: When should I use farm mode?

A: Use farm mode when your intention is to be able to share the pub sub system across multiple servers. This is not always necessary. For example, if Neuron is being used as a stateless mid tier behind load balancers you can run 1-N servers independently to support that scenario much as you would servers dedicated to Web Services or other stateless middle tier components.

Q: I cannot save my esb and keep getting message about “Read Only Administrator”. What’s going on?

A: You are likely running Neuron Explorer under an account without rights to write to the esb file. This situation occurs much more on 2008 servers and Vista than it does on XP and 2003. It can usually be solved by right clicking and choosing Run as Administrator when launching Neuron Explorer from the Windows shortcut. Of course actual file and directory permissions have to be configured correctly as well.

Q: My queued messages are never picked up by Neuron.

A: Check your permissions to the queue. Neuron must have unrestricted access via anoymous login to its topic queues. MSDTC must be also configured correctly which means XA enabled, Network Access enabled and Mutal Authentication in domain environments.


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